• Producing “The Tastiest Eggs from the Happiest Hens.”
  • Eliminating food waste from restaurants, groceries, bakeries, and breweries.
  • Training interns to have their own Good Egg / Good Planet farms.
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  • Train Interns
  • Create new FARMS IN A BOX
  • Support ;new farms in local communities


The Importance of Leftovers!

We collect 100% of the food we feed our flock from restaurants, groceries, bakeries, and breweries. We’re making our planet more environmentally sustainable. The diverse nutrition of fruits, vegetable, grains, and even meat scraps makes the best eggs in the area, sold at local businesses in the Lake Chelan Valley. At the same time we’re running an economically profitable local family farm.


Of the top eighty most effective actions to lower atmospheric CO2 and make a more sustainable planet – SOLVING FOOD WASTE is third out of all those eighty.  AT HAPPY HENS WE’RE DOING THAT!

(Data from Paul Hawken’s “Drawdown.”)

Happy Hens


Collected Feed

Food Collection Sites


When you donate to this project, you help us train interns to start their own Happy Hens model farm in another local community.  Your donation helps create a new FARMER. And your donation helps build A FARM IN A BOX, the essentials they need to start their own farm.

Without donations we’ll make progress…BUT WITH DONATIONS…the benefits to planet, farms, and healthy breakfasts gets BIGGER, BETTER, and FASTER.

Latest from the Blog

Wishbone – New Year’s Wish

Wishbone As a kid my brother and I always pulled the wishbone after my mom roasted chicken.  Here is my wishbone for this year.  Here is the situation I want to address. SITUATION: Why is it that with 7 billion people in this world, some of them starving to death each...


*|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|*   The Common Thread A friend framed the question this way,  "Take everyone who listens to you or follows you - put them in a single room - what would they all be talking about?" BE WELL I brought to mind the subjects that have captured...

Shifting toward the model

Something shifted this past week - maybe its from starting to talk about developing a chicken farm model.  I realized that this winter doesn't need to be a "test," for me.  Only if I set it up that way in my mind. I realized if I have troubles from the cold, its just...

Winter Approaches

Thanksgiving just passed and the shortest days of the year are here.  Since my last post in mid-summer, we've successfullly fed our 600 chickens entirelly from the discarded excess of stores, restaurants, a bakery, and two breweries. The eggs are better...

Milestone – Chicken Feed Independence

Since the beginning of June, so that's seven weeks now,  our 600 chickens have flourished without any store bought feed.  Instead they dine on the leftovers and prep scraps from local restaurants,  day old bread from the bakery, outdated produce and meat from grocery...

Kittens – Turkeys – Mice – Compost

There's a common theme to these three pictures.  In the second one, you see our youngest chickens looking at 5 of the 6 new turkey poults we just added to the flock.  In the bottom picture is what makes this all possible - lots of living material.  It's all spinning...

Open House Saturday

At the Rotary Presentation - today, we invited everyone to an Open House at Many Spokes Farm.  So we're inviting you too - everyone- is welcome. This Saturday - May 12, 2018  10 a.m. to Noon. Directions. From the Manson Highway, turn onto Wapato Lake Road at the...

Happy Hens Slides


At the Speed of Soil

We split off our original two dozen laying chickens a week ago, and moved them to their summer garden.  Thanks for help from our neighbors Karis, and Theo who are on spring break, and their cousin Quinn who was visiting.  Nice to have assistance from friends who think...


The book arrived in the mail yesterday - an unexpected thank you after a visit from a friend in Alaska - An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace. by Tamar Adlar.   After these past months of putting up fences and housing - and putting down food and water...

A special thanks to food sources for our chickens

As our first chicks started growing up in 2017 we went to one of Chelan’s finest restaurants and asked if we could pick up food scraps.  Ever since our chickens have been fine dining on Campbell’s leftovers – everything from Romaine lettuce to bread rolls to leftover prime rib, salmon, and halibut.

Campbell’s Restaurant 

All the fixin’s from the prep kitchen, and leftovers from buffets and group events.

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