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Intuitive Healing

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Anne Clausen
Empathic Intuitive Healer
I am an Empathic Intuitive Healer. I have a background in Special Education I am certified as a leader of women’s groups and have a certificate from the School of Intuitive Studies in Boulder, CO.

My promise to you is that I will work at my highest level of integrity for the benefit of your health and well being. I know you are a very powerful human being with a unique path in life and my commitment is to remind you of your greatness and your innate abilities to heal and thrive.

Healing your Heart

Let me partner with you in search of your unique path of healing and thriving.

My Intuitive Healing Sessions are based on your needs and involve looking at your energetic body to find any blocks keeping you from living your full potential.

Are you living an unconscious (ungrounded) life?

Do you have unresolved memories?

Are you suffering from physical or emotional injuries?

What Is Intuitive Healing?

Who is Intuitive Healing For?

Intuitive Healing crosses between modalities of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Journeying into areas of self awareness through conscious, subconscious and superconscious alignment can create room for the life you deserve.

If you want to investigate old patterns, beliefs, and experiences so that you can make them conscious and journey inward to discover a path in balance then this may be for you.

Emotional Trauma

If you feel triggers from experiences that leave you feeling a sense of out of control or overly emotional for the content of the experience.  You may be experiencing emotional trauma.

Unresolved Memories

If you have small flashes of pictures, smells or impressions that leave a bigger than life emotional reaction you may be experiencing memories that have been stored to protect you.

Physical Injury

If physical symptoms show up in an unexplained fashion you may be having physical reactions to emotional or spiritual injuries.


If you continue to do the same activity or use the same substance expecting a different outcome there may be underlying reasons beyond treatment and support groups.

Living an unconscious (ungrounded) life

If you find yourself spinning in an anxious state without a centered in your life place you may be ungrounded or spiritually bypassing your days.
“Anne’s presence alone is healing. Her medicine is strong and she is very much so in touch with her intuition. Anne guided me through healing and left me feeling whole again. Through the whole process I felt safe and held.  I highly recommend a session with Anne.”
Bianca Alarcon

“I feel so fortunate to have had multiple healing sessions with Anne. She is a gifted Empathic Intuitive Energy Healer who has had formal training to supplement and refine her natural abilities and her own healing journey. I found Anne to be deeply compassionate, attuned to my energy and emotions, and open to whatever came up. She was encouraging, patient with my process, and unafraid to go deep without being pushy about it. Her insights and associations proved to be on target and very helpful. I highly recommend her! ”

“I would recommend Anne to anyone who has suffered from complex trauma. Anne’s amazing intuitive skills provide her with the ability to see beyond the physical symptoms and heal the soul from within. Clients will appreciate not only her ability to heal, but also the compassion and empathy she brings to her work, through the lens of her own personal experiences and healing journey.”
Margaret-Ann Hall

Intuitive Healing


My Intuitive Healing sessions are based on your needs and involve looking at your energetic body to find any blocks keeping you from living you full potential.


My promise to you is that I will work at my highest level of integrity for the benefit of your health and well being.


I practice double confidentiality. This means not only will I never share your information or story with anyone else but will never approach the subject to you without your consent.

Anne Clausen - Intuitive Healer

My Story

Nature and adventure were my friends as an Intuitive Child in beautiful Decorah, Iowa. Adventuring through the Bluffs around the springs and waterfalls. As an adult I found my intuitive skills to be such an asset with children in my care as a Special Education teacher. I raised two children along side my husband and had experiences with adventure by cycle tours, living among our neighbors in Nome, Alaska and Campus Ministry trips with college students.

Now in my later adult years I have taken the deep dive of self healing and finding my center.  I am thankful for the leaders who have accompanied me as I worked through childhood trauma and its affects. As a graduate of School Of Intuitive Studies I am honored to be able to accompany others in what ever journey their healing leads to.

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Anne Clausen

Empathic Intuitive Healer