This is the page to sign up for group work whether it is within the Energy Detective work or if it is a support group as you work through your healing process.


Groups are assigned as the people sign up and align in interest.   I will be working to find the most meaningful gathering that I can.  If you know of other people who are interested in being in an energy circle let them know and mention that you would like to work with each other.  







I have had the pleasure of working with my friend Jeanne McElvaney as one of her LIVE energy detectives.  Our live sessions were cut short with social distancing this past year and so I am now offering a setting where we can continue the fun.   If you would like to explore and experience or work with energy let me know in the sign up on this page.

Once the ground rules are set the most important element for me as that we all feel that the environment and group work is beneficial.  The group will be brought together so that we can work in a mutual fashion.   The scheduling and membership will be assigned by Anne and after that her role is as facilitator meaning that we all can benefit from each other giving encouragement and feedback in a constructive and helpful way.  If interested in a group please fill out the information below.  All groups will be set up by having an individual intake meeting to see if this is a good fit for us.  Once the meeting is scheduled a zoom link will be sent to those in the closed group.

Jeanne McElvaney

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