Anne Clausen

Intuitive Healer

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My Approach

I am excited to meet you and help guide you to what you already know! When you schedule an appointment with me we will explore if I am the right partner to help you or if there is some other healing modality that might meet your needs first. I will then take an intake of what you would like to work on and background information you would like to share with me. In our actual sessions we will stay in a more meditative exploration leaving the cognitive figuring it out behind.  In this way I can lead you to finding your own answers within your own soul.

My Story

Nature and adventure were my friends as an Intuitive Child in beautiful Decorah, Iowa. Adventuring through the Bluffs around the springs and waterfalls. As an adult I found my intuitive skills to be such an asset with children in my care as a Special Education teacher. I raised two children along side my husband and had experiences with adventure by cycle tours, living among our neighbors in Nome, Alaska and Campus Ministry trips with college students.

Now in my later adult years I have taken the deep dive of self healing and finding my center.  I am thankful for the leaders who have accompanied me as I worked through childhood trauma and its affects. As a graduate of School Of Intuitive Studies I am honored to be able to accompany others in what ever journey their healing leads to.

My Values & Beliefs


I have been there. Through emotional upheaval unsure of my next step or next breathe and because I know the depth I can walk along side another.


The integrity that I live with has always been at the foremost on my mind but now through my healing it is heightened and I am whole and undivided in my strength to walk along side you.


Your story and your life is yours to share and none of it will leave my lips even to yourself.  I hold double confidentiality where I will not bring the subject up even to you unless you ask for it.