With gratitude for the journey:

I keep discovering new “AND’s” in my life.  Used to question myself about stepping into new ventures, now more and more I’m realizing and enjoying the new and next adventures.  Why resist what keeps showing up?


  • A Break from Happy Hens Egg Production
  • Emphasizing The ICE Method
  • Paddling on The River of Life
  • Helping Mickey B. Fresh, Crypto Guide
  • Enjoying Anne’s Work as Healer.




Lars Clausen

Creator of the ICE Method and Chicken Farmer


  • Producing “The Tastiest Eggs from the Happiest Hens.”
  • Eliminating food waste from restaurants, groceries, bakeries, and breweries.
  • Training interns to have their own Good Egg / Good Planet farms.

Anne Clausen

Empathic Intuitive Healer and Artist

Let me partner with you in search of your unique path of healing and thriving.  My Intuitive Healing Sessions are based on your needs and involve looking at your energetic body to find any blocks keeping you from living your full potential.