Just as an egg must incubate before the chick hatches, we feel we’ve entered our own time of incubation and discernment here at Many Spokes Farm.  The hens have grown older and before we decide whether to replace them, we’re going to step back to having just our family flock for awhile.  

After packing up to 30 dozen eggs per day and being part of Chelan Valley local food production – its a big change as we probe what the future holds for us.  We’ll leave the existing web page up so you can see the farm in full operation, even as we scale back for a bit.

For a little more detail look on this blog post.


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  • Train Interns
  • Create new FARMS IN A BOX
  • Support ;new farms in local communities


The Importance of Leftovers!

We collect 100% of the food we feed our flock from restaurants, groceries, bakeries, and breweries. We’re making our planet more environmentally sustainable. The diverse nutrition of fruits, vegetable, grains, and even meat scraps makes the best eggs in the area, sold at local businesses in the Lake Chelan Valley. At the same time we’re running an economically profitable local family farm.


Of the top eighty most effective actions to lower atmospheric CO2 and make a more sustainable planet – SOLVING FOOD WASTE is third out of all those eighty.  AT HAPPY HENS WE’RE DOING THAT!

(Data from Paul Hawken’s “Drawdown.”)

Happy Hens


Collected Feed

Food Collection Sites


When you donate to this project, you help us train interns to start their own Happy Hens model farm in another local community.  Your donation helps create a new FARMER. And your donation helps build A FARM IN A BOX, the essentials they need to start their own farm.

Without donations we’ll make progress…BUT WITH DONATIONS…the benefits to planet, farms, and healthy breakfasts gets BIGGER, BETTER, and FASTER.

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A special thanks to food sources for our chickens

As our first chicks started growing up in 2017 we went to one of Chelan’s finest restaurants and asked if we could pick up food scraps.  Ever since our chickens have been fine dining on Campbell’s leftovers – everything from Romaine lettuce to bread rolls to leftover prime rib, salmon, and halibut.

Campbell’s Restaurant 

All the fixin’s from the prep kitchen, and leftovers from buffets and group events.

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