Podcast – LISTEN NOW – Episode Fourteen

The US Postal Service ships Baby Chicks – 800 babies chirping away

Notes Continue – Plus Baby Chicks

These were his first words to me,
the  psychic who asked to visit me,
curious about my developing The ICE Method:
“I feel you are here from another planet…

“It’s like your job is to have experiences
and take notes so you can bring them back
to your planet and explain life on earth.”
“Nice to meet you too,” I replied.

Hearing – Listening – Hearing

This week’s note is about hearing,
about the miracle of hearing,
and the incompleteness of hearing,
and  the world our hearing makes..

And sounds of baby chicks
800 baby chicks,
I hear them too this week,
and you’ll hear them in the podcast.

Developing The ICE Method
has raised my sensitivity about hearing,
my own limitations of expression,
and how hard it is

for so many to “get” ICE
in the way I experience ICE,
and how part of this is communication
and part of it is our individuality.

And how we describe our world
as increasingly polarized…
Individuals held in the hand of infinity
not missing the sound of a baby chick.

Hunting Gathering and Agriculture

Next weeks note is one for my own archives,
seeking to share another of my greatest lessons,
living in Nome, Alaska, for three-and-a-half years
at the intersection of native and Western culture.

You’ll hear chickens in that podcast
my current agricultural life
and you’ll hear the memory of hunting seals
and the people who shared humanity’s roots

It’s been quite a journey,
for a boy born in Los Angeles,
growing up in a suburb,
inside of “the American Dream.”



Why We do all this…
Creme Brullee
That must be why we do all this,
the collecting of food, the feeding of chickens,
the gathering, packing, selling of eggs.

So friends can light the torch
to caramelize the sugar topping
to enjoy deliciousness
from an earth we know


Podcast Number 14

 Episode 14. 

1. Anne and I welcome 800 Baby Chicks arriving at the Post Office
2. Getting the chicks settled into their new home – a first drink of water.
3. A bit of a note for that other planet – “How We Hear on Planet Earth.”

What is Chicken Space?

Finding a space where it is least expected. Using the tool of memory reconsolidation. Seeking spiritual enlightenment. Wisdom and stories from a unicyclist, activist, father, husband, ex-pastor, healer, award-winning author, and chicken farmer.

LISTEN NOW – Episode Fourteen
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