I have been wanting to start a blog but until today the right time and place didn’t seem to come forward.   There is a saying that your calling can become clear when a need and your gifts align themselves in your life.

Through many different iterations of what I felt was my calling it seems like now is a time where a voice is needed and mine is just one more.

The times we are in show evidence of cultural common trauma.  It has been revealed slowly and not so slowly in politics, economics and racial tensions.  My mission is not some big pie in the sky solution or commentary.  My place in this time is to share my story.

When there is common trauma like experiences in public life our own inner anxieties get inflamed and become clear where they were not clear before.


My trauma was made clear to me in the last decade.  After a really magical life full of adventure and fun and lots of different life experiences.  (I am sure I will hit on some of these over the blogs that I write) My early experiences of childhood trauma came available to me through memories and realizations of my own reactions in times of triggers and stresses.  As I ventured forth in the steps it took to heal these reactions.  NOT TAKE AWAY ANY EXPERIENCE but heal the reactions, beliefs or ways of being that no longer work in this time, I discovered a way to full realization, healing and full life.   Not only have I found a way for a better way to live but through my journey I have also found that I have a gift and a duty to share that journey with those who follow.


How do I share my journey?  I am not a magician and I can’t change your life but I have the skills and experience to walk beside you as you discover your own path to a full life following your own true heart and spirit.    I now work with others as a guide of sorts.  An empathic Intuitive path that assists you in your own healing journey of emotional or spiritual wounds.   I am so excited to share this work and also point the way to the people and places that have meant so much to me in my healing journey.

So as I step out in this world of energy healing I invite you to tag along and see what I have to say along the way.


Welcome and I send all LOVE and LIGHT for the journey,