I am so excited to announce my second certification from the School of Intuitive Studies and explain what this means to me.

I am ready to invite you in…. I will be hosting a free zoom gathering to demonstrate group meetings in a virtual format. Only 8 at a time so if interested sign up quickly. I want to share with you what it is I do.

My first certification was Intuitive Healer Training and now in my advanced training year I had the great privilege of being in a group of healer/learners that did deep dives into what it means to accompany people energetically. We had trades, and were supervised in facilitating and healing so that our skills were sharpened and sensitivity experienced at depth. I am excited to share what I do and want you to be able to experience it. It may just be because you are curious, you want to try out energy work for your own sake or maybe you have a friend or colleague you would like to recommend this to.

I am holding love and light for your journey and look forward to hearing from any who have interest in this beautiful path that we travel together.