As we transition from winter to summer on the farm it brings in new growth with wild flowers. Cleaning up what shows up under the snow is a kind of Cleansing. So too this season can bring both new life and show us our shadow sides within.

On Many Spokes Farm we are transitioning in many ways. The greenhouse is going up for the young new starts for the growing season of Blackbird Crops our daughters farm. We are also preparing to relocate our largest Livestock Guardian Dog, Bergen. He has been the best most loyal and loving friend and protector of everything Many Spokes but he is also more dog than we need. Looking to the future he will be an awesome addition to the 16,000 acre sheep farm he is moving to. We will miss him but know he will thrive and help in his new setting.

The inside changes can be challenging as well. As living situations and unknown futures come to the surface old fears of mine are showing up. It isn’t that I haven’t faced them before or worked on healing the inner child who is insecure in the unknown. As new unknown situations come up the patterns reawaken and the opportunity to heal more comes in the form of triggers. This can also just be a realization that yes it is time to reevaluate and move forward.

Easier said than done you might think. This is true but it is also the most rewarding direction you will ever take. Sometimes we can clear so much just by being still and listening to our own inner voice and feeling into the right direction for our future, but we may also come to a place where we need a guide. Not someone to fix us but to walk along side and Help in the self healing process.

I am available for walking through that door with you. It may be just to reassure you that you are on the path. It may be that I am the perfect match for you to be guided in my Intuitive Healing sessions. It may aslo be that I know the perfect match for you to find that special person that is set in front of you to help guide you in your next step.