Getting a Life

Corn seeds slowed me down this week.
first planting and then daily watering
as they transformed to life
from dry seed to living green.

This fall they will give back life.
We grow most of our own food now.
On the path to 3000 chickens,
I slow for corn, veggies, fruit.

This is the Life!

Five farm cats.
Mousing as needed.
Lying tummy up in the sun,
Loving life.

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Chicken Volume – I had no idea
that chicken sounds carry SO
loudly into a microphone. In future,
I will stand farther from roosters.

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Clockwise from the top left
Butternut Squash, Green Beans
Eggplant, and the first flowers
from Butterball Potatos.

See the woodchips?
That’s our chicken compost from last year
Healthy nutrition for our plants,
and a barrier to weed seeds.

Making our Happy Hens HAPPY!

Baby chicks are almost 4 months old
They will start laying within a month.
That bottom right hen in the picture,
the look of Watermelon Love.

Thank You

Nice to share our farm with you.
Abundunt life
in this season of the sun’s warm shining
Blessings for the days


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