We have waited 19 days so far for the hatching of new Icelandic chicks. Two more days to go.

Ten weeks ago we watched one of our broody hens hatch a dozen eggs right in the coldest part of winter.  Amazing mama skills!

Now we’re hatching two dozen eggs thanks to Chris Glasspool loaning us his equipment. On the left you see the eggs in the incubator.  An automated heater keeps the eggs at 99.5 degrees.   A small arm rocks the eggs six times a day.  On the right you see the humidifier and two sensor units.  The humidity is controlled at 58 to 60 percent until the last three days when it rises to 75 percent.  It’s all imitation mama hen.

We “candled” the eggs at day seven and we saw motion in 24 of the 27 eggs.  You can see this when you put a strong light behind the egg.  The other three eggs were not viable.   Yesterday, with three days left, the eggs went into “Lockdown.”  No more moving the eggs at that point.  We candled them once again to make sure all eggs were still viable.  We saw motion in every egg.  Now comes their big test, pecking through the shell and coming out into the world.  We will keep you posted

Our 250 Golden Comet chicks are now three weeks old.  We purchased them from a commercial hatchery called Mt. Healthy.  Here’s a video of their chick hatching operation in Ohio. 

We’re happy to be incubating these two dozen baby chicks – and we’re happy for hatchery chicks when we need a lot!