The name of our Website is Many Spokes.

I want to take a little walk back in time to explain the name of our website.  Our family spent some beautiful years in Nome Alaska with Inupiat Inuit people. When we went on a family trip through all 50 states we named it ONE WHEEL MANY SPOKES.  The name described best to us what we were doing and how we were living. My husband unicycled and I drove the RV.  On board were our two children and two Siberian Husky dogs.  Behind was pulled the Honda Civic loaded down with bikes and unicycles for all.

The many spokes of the wheel were brought together with the hub of life.  As we traveled we learned the stories and experienced the lands of many indigenous peoples across the United States.  We also shared where ever there were people to hear of the story of our experiences with Inupiat people and their lessons.

As we have learned and grown over the years and experienced different places we have continued to learn the spokes of the wheel of our life.  In the most resent years we have been raising our own food and selling eggs from chickens on our land  The Many Spokes has continued to follow us through many experiences and times in life.   In the 90’s i walked into a women’s leadership course and began my trail of leading others.  I developed my own safe Circle and i call it THE HUB   -once again a wheel of life.  The HUB of safety for me IS:   Be Present – Spirit of Truth – Use of SOFT Eyes(non Judgement) – Honoring the Offerings(listening with acceptance) – Turn to Wonder(if confused just wonder at the listening).   My findings are that when applied in a circle of people these Values of my HUB of the wheel bring safety and openness for sharing and healing and growth.

Now as I embark on my career as an Empathic Intuitive Healer these values at the HUB of the Wheel and the circle of life Hold Me in Peace,


May you be held in the HUB of the wheel of your life and learn the power of your own Heart!