Podcast – LISTEN NOW – Episode Thirteen

Truck chicken.  She’s always on the lookout for an open window.   Not every chicken in the flock – just this one. And if you don’t watch out she’ll lay an egg under the back seat.

Notes from another planet – a series

These were his first words to me,
the  psychic who asked to visit me,
curious about my developing The ICE Method:
“I feel you are here from another planet…

“It’s like your job is to have experiences
and take notes so you can bring them back
to your planet and explain life on earth.”
“Nice to meet you too,” I replied.

Last Week – This Week

Last Week I wrote a note
about bicycling across the United States,
age 25, three months, 6, 0000 miles, finding hospitality.
That’s the podcast for you this week.

This week’s note is about hearing,
about the miracle of hearing,
and the incompleteness of hearing,
and  the world our hearing makes..

Note – How We Hear on Earth

I’m working on HOW WE HEAR for this week’s podcast.
Thought it would be easy to share this thought,
bu itt hasn’t come together so far,
what a blessing to engage the questions!

Our help this week  – Jean – best family friend forever –
now a  senior in high school,
Counterclockwise from top right.
Helping reassemble our Gazebo at the new land.

Helping with chickens.
And…setting a personal best –
A Power Meal –
Fourteen eggs for breakfast.


Podcast Number 13

 Episode 13. 

Calm?  And Chickens

1. What’s it like to bike across America?
2. Hospitality Experienced.
3. Beauty Seen.
4. A Life Commitment.
5. Hospitality.

LISTEN NOW – Episode Thirteen
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Turkey and Chicken – dust bath friends.  Avian Happiness!

Thank You!

Nice to share our farm with you.
Nice to share our life.
For all the planets of our experience…
Blessings for the journey.


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