Originally Published Newsletter =- Mayt  12, 2019

Old Path – New Path

Happy Mother’s Day

Good wishes for the day!
Here at Many Spokes
we’re being mom
to 22 new baby turkeys!


Somewhere in a next book,
I will write how selling eggs
started as a spiritual journey
of awareness, of letting go.

How chickens arose
in the wake of writing
The River of Life. In the space
of nothing, came something: Chickens.

And I will write
of hiccups along the way,

As the farm scales up this summer
I realize I need to also scale up
my letting go.  “The more I become
aware of, the more there is to let go of.”

After the February sharing of  our GoFundMe,,
I hiccuped back into an earlier way
of trying to fashion my communication
according to the rules that get results.

Videos – less than two minutes
Stories – what does the listener need?
Frequency – newsletters, Instagrams, facebook
Subjects – topics to be covered
Asks to be made

turn communication
into a machine.
yucky place.

The gift of it was how hard
I struggled to keep writing
but how each new attempt at writing
ended in mush – nothing to share.

Until I began recognizing,
in a slow way,
how I had traded the mystery of chicken
for managing a program

and how, thankfully,
no words came forth from that place,
as the spirit of the Many Spokes Farm
waited for my own spirit to realign.

how I traded faith,
a sense of source present,
for the old temptations
of controlling my life and surroundings.

and how that feels yucky now –
but still I got caught, and I strayed
from that deliciousness of watching
grace bubble up – on an egg farm.

The baby chicks are three months old
Two months since I last wrote,
marking time now in chicken life.
Quick update,

We got a tractor last week!
Its brand new –  my ethics
would have said buy used and cheap.
It’s blue. It’s new. It’s lovely.

We are selling our house in town
(tractor money), shifting emphasis
to our new chicken land,
368 Liberty Lane, Manson.

We built the first new chicken house,
looking forward to confirming
it can hold 500 chickens.
Times six equals our full flock.

A recent ICE session, introducing to a person
with chronic fatigue, she reported: “The calm
comes and goes. When it’s here,
it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

I once thought I would make my living
from offering these sessions to people.
Instead I collect eggs
learning to watch grace bubble up.

Collecting food – now up to saving about 20 acres
worth of farmland that can grow
something besides chicken food.
A deep satisfaction in each bucket of scraps.

Eager to share this,
to support others in planet-saving farming,
not from a place of fear and control,
but from freedom, awareness, openness
to the intermingling of infinity and eggs.
and a blue tractor.