At the Rotary Presentation – today, we invited everyone to an Open House at Many Spokes Farm.  So we’re inviting you too – everyone- is welcome.

This Saturday – May 12, 2018  10 a.m. to Noon.


  1. From the Manson Highway, turn onto Wapato Lake Road at the Casino Gas Station.
  2. Pass Roses Lake on your left, and soon after turn RIGHT onto Upper Joe Road.
  3. Continue on Upper Joe and take the first RIGHT onto Kinsey.
  4. Drive up the steep hill – and take the first road (gravel) to the RIGHT.  There’s a MANY SPOKES sign at this corner.
  5. Take the first driveway to the left, through the gate and up to Many Spokes Farm.
  6. See you Saturday – 10 to noon.

Lars and Anne
If you have questions call 509-885-2262