Podcast – LISTEN NOW – Episode Fifteen

Delight. Gratitude

This week I’m sharing memories from Nome, Alaska.
Life in a Hunting Gathering Culture,
in a podcast recorded on a chicken farm,
by a long ago pastor.

Saying What I See

A notetaker would also take these notes…
how a painter told a chicken farmer
how the way money works
is on the cusp of change

How the leader
of the IMF, the International Monetary Fund
is saying the same thing as the leader
of the world’s Central Banks.

We need digital currency.

How I found this out
after I’d already bought some.
This feels like the building of the raillroads
like we’re in the last day of horses, the Pony Express,

This feels like the advent of the Internet,
remember recording, storing, sharing info pre-Internet
Exchanging value is still in pre-railroad, pre-Internet days,
And that is all about to change.

Hundreds of banks are signed up for this change
Also Amazon, Visa, Mastercard, Moneygram
Why? Because the old “railroad system”
of transferring money across borders

is “as slow as a steam engine.”
It takes 2-6 days to transfer money
across borders. The fee is about 5%.
With XRP – 3 Seconds.  Less than a penny.

Why care notetaker?
Because this too is a part of our world,
a world going silicon, that once planted,
once hunted, now shops. Remember calories.

Technically, XRP is a digital asset,
a vastly improved second generation
that solved the energy, security, and utility issues
of the first blockchain – Bitcoin

Historically, in the years since Bitcoin,
hundreds of other coins have been created,
but XRP is the first coin to have such a big purpose,
a utility, in creating “a new Internet of Value.”

Like dollars bills –
used by the trillions for banks
and by small sums for individuals,
XRP is also publicly available.

When XRP integrates into these 200 banks,
and many more institutions, the value
it will be transferring will be much greater
than its present market value.

XRP coins are cheap today – less than a dollar.
As banks start using XRP, it will carry billions,  then trillions
of dollars of value. XRP – the carrier of value –
will rise in price to mirror this value.

When I “saw” this picture,
I saw it in a flash.
I studied – and then I bought some XRP,
and I’ve grown more and more intrigued.

And if XRP does rise in value
because of the function it will serve,
I don’t want you asking
why I didn’t tell you about the new railroad.

I’m not encouraging you to buy these xrp things,
not at all, I just see a railroad coming,
and I’m sharing my notes, and if you’re curious
I invite you to your own exploring, your own action.


The Podcasts Three

 Episode 15. 

THIS WEEK: Notes for another planet: Remembering life in Nome, Alaska

1.  Anne and I lived in Nome for three and a half years.
2. I served there as a pastor at Our Saviors Lutheran church
3. The culture was a combination of native Inupiat Eskimos and people from other states
4.  One of the most formative and profound experiences of my life.

 Episode 16 

NEXT WEEK: Notes for another planet: Chickens, and the future of MONEY

1.  Update on the baby chicks.  All’s Well!
2. Lunch with friends, questions about the future of Money.
3. Notes for Another Planet take their first look at the future!

 Episode 17 

TWO WEEKS: Notes for another planet: Looking into the cultures of Hunting Gathering and Agriculture – 

TENTATIVE – but it seems
a good place to spend some time
and some energy of thought and life,
as we walk into the future of our world.

Thank you for your encouragement!

LISTEN NOW – Episode Fifteen
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