Something shifted this past week – maybe its from starting to talk about developing a chicken farm model.  I realized that this winter doesn’t need to be a “test,” for me.  Only if I set it up that way in my mind. I realized if I have troubles from the cold, its just one more thing to figure out.

So I started working on a new website home page that features:

  • Happy Hens Eggs – just like before
  • Happy Interns – that will be new
  • Happy Humans – A Center for Meaningful Living – this will be new for sure, combining the natural environment of Many Spokes farm with my healing/consciousness/awareness work from my latest book, The River of Life.  I’m having fun stepping into this!

New Egg Production Best Day Ever.   16 Dozen salable eggs yesterday.  We’re getting more each day as the young chicks from this summer reach their egg-laying maturity.  I took the above picture yesterday – it includes a “pullet” egg.  Sometimes a hen’s first egg is super-tiny like this one – but within a few days they’re laying like their older flockmates.

Blue Eggs.  Blue eggs are so nice looking – but – I had not idea that the Ameraucana hens tha tlay the blue eggs would hold out so long before they started laying!  The Golden Comets we have, they started laying eggs between 16 and 24 weeks old.  I got 100 Ameraucana chicks at the same time as these others, and so far I get only 4 eggs a day from those 100 chickens.  Thankfully, we have lots of food scraps so we can afford to be patient.