As I have worked on getting my website to say what I want it to.  I realize that the words and putting them out there is part of the process of stepping into myself.  i have done many things, lived many places and supported my children and husband in many adventures but they never felt as much like stepping into myself as this website.

When I wonder why:I come to the realization that painting, supporting and living my life has been super fulfilling but not revealing my greatest gifts as a healer.  I have been able to use those skills as a mother, wife, teacher and particularly when I worked with multiply challenged children and adults in my Special Education career.  I could read and perceive needs at a deep level because of my innate intuitive abilities.  Now with training over the last few years that included deep searching in my own healing journey and confronting and allowing my own SELF with the big S to emerge; the expressing of who I am as healer has a whole new meaning for me.

It has become my greatest desire and joy to help guide others in their own inner journey to SELF.   The SELF that follows our own truth and believes in our own divinity and purity and goes deep to deal with blocks and wounds that prevent us from living our truest life in our inner knowing.

I am OUTING myself as an energy healer.