The Mind of a Rooster 

That’s Segundo rooster
walking towards us,
and Pretty Boy walking away.
Who knows their mind?

Perhaps they read Robert Frost
“Good Fences make Good Neighbors?
or maybe its true, “The grass
is always greener on the other side.”




The Latest Podcast:

Changing Climate and The Meaning of Life

Tending Happy Hens
has taken my life outdoors,
under the sky, in the wind, the clouds,
the cold and heat, the sun and rain,

Since a high school class in meteorology
I’ve loved the sky and weather maps
For many years I’ve followed Climate Change,
with some unexpected transformations.

I got so excited sharing Climate thoughts,
I almost forgot the most important part,
an invitation to calm.
It’s in there now –  here’s Episode Seven.



LISTEN NOW – Episode Seven

The Raspberry Feast Arrives! 




And the Daily Feast for Happy Hens

It feels a little miraculous every single day, that our chickens feast this way

Collected food from restaurants, groceries, breweries, bakeries. If not for this, 25 acres of land would need to be farmed to feed our 800 hens.




Bath time for Glenda and Boris




Our hens love dust baths – but a goose – a goose loves water.

Last Weeks Favorite Nap





The ICE Method

Another quote from The River of Life…




  The River of Life  

Spiritual Enlightenment and Memory Reconsolidation

“What if, whenever you encountered an upset
along your spiritual journey,
you had a predictable tool
for removing whatever blocks arise.

This has made a difference for me.
It continues to make a difference for me.
I share this book in hopes you also find
a benefit as you travel your river of life”

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Thank You!

Nice to share our farm with you.
Blessings for the journey.

I’m off to pick some more of those raspberries.







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