The Healing Work

“Here,” she says, “A thank you.
I used to read these poems
but never caught the sense of them
until you taught me The ICE Method.”

Her self description, when we started ICE:
“I am a broken person.”
Now she grasps, or is grasped
by these Love Poems from God.

Like these


O wondrous creatures,
by what strange miracle
do you so often not

St. Catherine of Siena

We know nothing until we know everything

I have no object to defend
for all is of equal value
to me.

I cannot lose anything in this
place of abundanbce
I found.

Chicken Space – New Podcast

Enjoy the most recent podcast
Recorded on my birthday
Love Poems From God
Infinity, Awareness, Space, All.

Episode 5 – Listen Here
(Still working on sound quality –
advance apologies – just got
a new mic to try for next time.)

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The ICE Method

A new understanding of how the brain
both stores and removes upset memories.

Hafiz, St. Catherine, the others –
so many of them had profound spiritual experiences
that rocked their boats
and turned their lives to the spiritual path.

The ICE Method is for us simple ones
no profound lightning bolt experiences,
just a lifetime of stored experiences
to bring to calm – so we can see Peace.

Check it out – Available at Amazon
Memory Reconsolidation Applied:
Calm Your Past to Live your Future.

  The River of Life  

Spiritual Enlightenment and Memory Reconsolidation

When the calm
begins to replace the former upsets,
the space that arises
has the sense of both nothing and everything

Beautifully illustrated by Kristina Tosic
today’s newsletter images
are all from the book.

See The River of LIfe at Amazon

The River of Life – Selection

I do not know the details
of whether there is one physical life or many
but I know – as much as I can know anything –
that everything is, has been, and always will be Source.

If Source is not Source
then there would two or more sources
and if there are two or more sources
then there would be a Source of these sources.

Like a spiral, our awareness
grows with each distraction we reconsolidate,
as we bring the energy of calm
to the issues that once consumed our attention.

Beyond all the appearance of duality, a unity exists.
If it doesn’t feel so yet, then we have more to reconsolidate.
On the river of our life, we identify the distractions
that have caused our dualistic judgments.

Source lies beyond distinctions and preferences
good and bad, like and dislike, even life and death.
Source awareness awaits us beyond the distractions
as we bring calm to what we have experienced as upsets.

Thank You

Nice to share our farm with you.
Nice to share my “Other Work.”
In this vast infinity we all share –
Blessings for the days


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