I would like to recommend a movie that is being presented by SAND Scienceandnonduality.com. This is a message that I believe so strongly. Gabor Mate states that everyone has a True Genuine Authentic Self but through Trauma we disconnect from that self and through Healing we reconnect. In this film he will guide us in his belief that we live in a traumatic world that desperately needs healing. Trauma is not the bad things that happen to us but rather Trauma is what happens inside of ourselves because of the experience. It is not an easy or simple cure but through realization we can than come to healing.

We live in a world increasingly impacted by trauma in individuals and collectively traumatized societies if we do not address this we continue to reinforce and spread the trauma reactions. We need trauma informed education, Medical care and social interventions according to Mate. A trauma informed society will be a much more compassionate society.

One person in the film says his healing journey has taught him how to be human.

Wisdom of Trauma – Optin Page

The premier of this movie begins June 8th and continues through the 14th. If you feel called watch this compassionate thoughtful man bring the healing of trauma to our culture as a whole.