I heard recently how the fatigue of quarantine is felt so widely now. People have wearied of the waiting, of reaching out electronically, of being careful… We are wearied of pain as we hear the numbers of people who have died. We are painfully aware of the compounded affects of natural disasters and weather related incidents due to Covid-19. We are so interconnected by television and internet that we feel the pressure world wide as people in all countries and all walks of life have to deal with the effects of a pandemic.

Whether it is due to a feeling of fatigue or if it is a new trigger caused by an experience in our own life Triggers are being set off. What do I mean by this? When the stage is set for a world in motion and changes occurring we can feel our own inner stirrings. In my own experience, it is like a cascade of events. Situations change and our living arrangements are different so we move, our farm is no longer sustainable in the place it is so we adjust to a new direction and yet not sure which one that is. When each new decision to be made comes along I go to self doubt and coping mechanisms. This too is just an opportunity to clear more blocks and understand my parts better.

As I name my own process I want to let you know you are not alone if you feel anxiety, fear, or maybe even a sense of panic or looming doom. These triggers are pointers at places that we have stored a way of being. Each time a trigger of emotion shows up it is an invitation to visit that feeling and get to the root of it. This is growth. We are going through enormous growth world wide and individually. If you are hitting new growth points know that you are not alone and that there are people out there who can walk with you as you journey inward.

Reach out to me and let me have a conversation with you.

Sending LOVE and LIGHT for the journey as each of us travels this life.