This has been a big week in my growing.   I have had to learn a lesson in showing up.

When asked what I do or what intuitive energy really is; I always come back to my knowing and the style it comes in.  Anyone of us can look within and see what really makes us tick.  We don’t always look within nor do we always follow it when we do listen…

As a young child i was raised by parents that had their own wounds and ways of being like all of us.  What I grew into being; was a person who swallowed my own feelings for the sake of those around me.  I instead felt on a deep intuitive level the feelings and temperature of the room around me and grew an understanding of what was going on beneath the table so to speak.  This served me well in keeping safe and later in working within school systems with the most other abled students who were trapped by mental or physical abnormalities than didn’t allow them to fully express their needs.  My empathic Intuition could cut across these deficits and meet needs in profound ways.

My big learning this week was to express who I am within situations where I feel hurt. Misunderstood in my work setting, feeling hurt within my marriage, or being sidelined by old time friends who no longer value my presence can knock me to my knees but it can also give me a voice to speak up and say what needs to be said, to apologize for my part, and to repair or move on.  Once I can do this I can stand in my own SELF.  To be the SELF  with a capital S.

When I step into a healing session my job is to accompany others in a search within of what their own subconscious knows about the journey of life they are on.  Only having traveled the road myself into my own interior and then learning through Healer Training Programs can I confidently say I am an Empathic Intuitive Healer.

Greetings for Love of the Journey,