As a kid my brother and I always pulled the wishbone after my mom roasted chicken.  Here is my wishbone for this year.  Here is the situation I want to address.

Why is it that with 7 billion people in this world, some of them starving to death each day,  we waste, we throw away, we send to the landfill, enough to feed more than 2 billion people each day?

My 500 chickens eat the equivalent amount of food each day as 125 people – a lot of food!  And every bit of that, I collect as the discards, the leftovers from restaurants, groceries, bakeries, breweries, and the like.  It would take more than 15 acres of farmland to grow what my chickens eat in a year. Since I collect all my food as leftovers, those 15 acres of farmland could be growing food to feed hungry people.

My wishbone for this year is to start an internship program to teach people how to have their own leftover farm.  And I want to send these interns out with their own flock of laying hens that they raised at our farm,  with hen houses that they built at our farm, and with a shiny new tractor.

If these interns can start making a living right away, they’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding at farming.

I dream of many farmers
on many small farms,
raising chickens to eat many leftovers,
lay many eggs, and solve many problems…

…Shrinking our landfills,
reducing our carbon footprint,
restoring family farms,
strengthening local economies.

There – that’s my wish for the wishbone this year.  I’ll share more in the New Year.